Nest acquired Dropcam. Nes(x)t is what?



Nest lab will be buying Dropcam for $555 million. Well those who don’t know about Nest and Dropcam here is a quick little information about them.


NestNest is a home automation company which was acquired by Google on january 13, 2014. But instead of merging it with google, Nest run as a subsidiary of google and run independently. It has even its own privacy policy which is totally paid for business model (no ad revenue for google 😉 ).

So what product does Nest offer and what is google’s plan with it?
For now Nest has 2 products in its inventory. Nest Thermostat(AKA Thermostat) and Nest Protect. Nest thermostat control your home temperature and nest protect is a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm system. Both use Nest own OS to communicate with cloud and offer some online feature which makes both of them smart home device (for more info Please visit Nest website).
Its clear that Google is pushing its reach to home via Nest products. Which also make it clears that Google wants to create a automatic home ecosystem which can be powered via android@home (A Variant of Android tailored for home automation or Nest OS) and bring the whole home automation system under a standard.
Now there are several products still missing from Nest’s product line including Smart Security camera, Security lock, Sprinkler system, Light bulb and many more. Its not sure what Nest/Google will do with other products but it seems like they provide their Security Camera Plan by acquiring Dropcam.



Dropcam is a Wi-Fi home security camera manufacturer base on San Fransisco, California. Which was founded in 2009, lets users place cameras throughout a home for live-viewing and recording. The cameras also include options for night vision and two-way talking with built-in microphones.. Easy to setup and monitor from anywhere and paid base cloud-recording system makes it unique.
By purchasing Dropcam Nest got its experienced team of engineer, designers and other stuffs along with a good amount of users. So nests idea is simple instead of developing a product from ground up and make it popular among users, They just brought a out of the box product which is not only popular among users but also user friendly and more advanced than any other similar products in the market.

Google was putting its hand on home automation from 2011 by introducing android@home. Which doesn’t make that much fuzz. But recent move of Google by acquiring Nest and then Dropcam seems like they are slowly making a strong position on home automation market.

Its obvious Nest will add more products to its list by time. Will they develop a new product by themselves or purchase a startup like dropcam out from the shelves. Only time will say. So we will just wait and see how Google/Nest Advance to its next steps. Nes(x)t is what Google!